Blueprint – The Blueprint Series

The Blueprint Series

New Patient Life Cycle

If you want to...

We'll show you how!

Over the course of our six part series, a who’s who of dental growth experts will guide you through each step of creating a predictable new patient life cycle — including developing leads, leveraging AI, and creating long-term retention plans. You’ll learn from masters of the craft who can help you take your successes to the next level.

When you’re done, you’ll feel the confidence that comes from knowing what you need to do and how to start getting results.

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Gary Bird

Inbound Leads

Cory Pinegar

Inbound Chat

Dr. Ryan Hungate

Following Up With Lost New Patients

Amol Nirgudkar & Scott Crow

How to Retain Patients After First Visit

Brett Wells & Benjy Rose

How to Get Your Patients Back

Josh Muir

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